Submit a Presentation

The Statewide Collaborative Diversity Conference (CDC) is a three-day statewide showcase scheduled for March 16-18, 2016. Anyone or any entity may submit proposals to showcase their best practice for diversity research, programs, training or intervention.

Topics to address conference core areas

Missouri State University’s Statewide Collaborative Diversity Conference (SCDC) will showcase industry-specific best practices in:


  • That results in significant diversity findings
  • That teaches you how to conduct your own diversity research
  • That helps you create or implement new programs with best-practice-level results


  • That fosters holistic development of underrepresented populations
  • That creates unique opportunities for success and/or progression for underrepresented populations
  • That provides access to services historically denied to underrepresented populations


  • That integrates culturally significant markers for increased productivity
  • That demonstrates marked results from education about issues of diversity and equity
  • That results in policy reconstruction associated with intercultural sensitivity and/or race relations

Training Methodology

  • That transforms classroom environments into inclusive laboratories of learning
  • That transfers traditional teaching expertise into 21st century technological skill sets
  • That positively affects faculty personal accountability for instruction of diverse learners

Selection criteria

Presentation submissions will be evaluated and selected using the following questions:

  • Does it impact a diverse constituency?
  • Does it provide a measurable service?
  • Does it promote diversity education?
  • Does it involve transformative or innovative components?
  • Is it cost effective?