Transforming your organization through cultural competence

11:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Thursday, April 20, 2017
PSU 308

How does social class, gender, region, religion, disability, ethnic group, race and sexual orientation impact schools, the work place and organizations? What influences do micro-cultures have on how people see the world?

Moving from “cultural awareness” to “cultural competence” is a process for professionals who work in – as well as serve – non-dominant communities. In this session, participants will learn about cultures that impact the families and communities they serve. They will become more comfortable discussing these topics, as well as working through their own understanding of issues. The presenter will provide strategies to take back to your school, office or organization. 


Assistant Professor Bret Cormier

Bret Cormier

Assistant Professor
Missouri State University

Dr. Bret D. Cormier is an assistant professor of counseling, leadership and special education at Missouri State University. He also teaches doctoral students in the Missouri Statewide EdD program offered through the University of Missouri at Columbia.

His work has been published in the peer-reviewed journal American Secondary Education Journal. His co-authored chapter is published in African American Perspectives on Leadership in Schools: Building a Culture of Empowerment.”

Dr. Cormier received his BA from Park University; an MEd from Southwest Texas State University in special education, with an emphasis on brain-based learning, behavioral change, reading and curriculum and instruction; an MEd from Texas State University-San Marcos in educational leadership and social justice; and an EdD from the University of Texas at Austin, in the executive leadership program.