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3:45 - 5:00 p.m., Thursday, April 20, 2017
PSU Theater

Institutional climate – in regard to a diverse population – is everyone’s responsibility. Whether business or academia, everyday interactions challenge an organization’s goal for a positive, inclusive environment. Giving Voice uses the power of theatre to spark dialogue on issues of diversity, inclusiveness and cultural competence. Based on a foundation of research, the nationally recognized Giving Voice troupe brings diversity training to new levels, addressing various issues of oppression, including micro-aggressions. This forum will engage audiences in thoughtful awareness, development of strategies and the opportunity to try those strategies in a safe environment. 


Director of Giving Voice Carol Maples

Carol Maples

Director of Giving Voice
Missouri State University

Dr. Carol J. Maples is a professor of theatre and dance and coordinator of the BSEd speech and theatre program at Missouri State University. She is also director of Giving Voice, a nationally recognized interactive theatre troupe that addresses various issues of oppression and micro-aggressions, specializing in various diversity and Title IX issues. 

Giving Voice has presented forums at high schools, universities, national conferences and international companies.

Dr. Maples trained at the Mandala Center for Change and coordinates workshops to begin the courageous conversations needed to improve daily lives in education, business and community settings.