Tough talking: Using difficult dialogues to build diversity and inclusion

9:45 - 11:00 a.m., Thursday, April 20, 2017
PSU 312

Tough Talk, a initiative at Missouri State University, provides a forum for students and staff to share and process topics – like race, violence, politics and culture – often too heated for classroom discussion. Participants will learn how this program was implemented and what organizers have learned along the way. An evaluation study of Tough Talk provides useful information about participants and some of the implications these types of dialogues can have on campuses. This workshop is candid, lively and will allow plenty of time for questions. 


Instructor Lyle Foster

Lyle Foster

Missouri State University

Lyle Foster is an accredited diversity trainer who conducts workshops and trainings on issues related to diversity and inclusion. In addition, he is a columnist in several local newspapers and an instructor at Missouri State University, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of social problems, multicultural education, poverty and diversity training.

Community, empowerment and inclusion are some of the main drivers in Foster’s life.

Early in his career Foster’s interest in community development led to working in non-profit organizations advocating for the needs of families and children in poverty. He has implemented several award-winning initiatives for homeless families. Foster has served on numerous boards and committees and has founded several non-profit organizations, as well as Big Momma’s Back Porch Theatre.

Recently Foster’s interests have included several entrepreneurial initiatives, resulting in the creation of several popular local venues in Springfield, Mo. This has given Foster a tremendous appreciation and respect for small business owners and everything that goes with that.