How to revive dialogue in a time of deep division

Today, the phrase is everywhere: "Diversity and Inclusion." It suggests that diversity comes before inclusion. Wrong. Behavioral science confirms that a  culture of inclusion must be fostered first. That's because everybody from "people of color" to "straight white guys," Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, younger and older, need to trust that they'll be treated with respect under the banner of diversity. In the absence of trust, differences plant seeds of resentment -- and, ultimately, conflict.  

So how do we build a culture of inclusion? Enter Irshad Manji, internationally bestselling author and founder of Moral Courage College. Prof. Manji teaches people to communicate across lines of difference and even disagreement. Her inspiring yet practical workshop, "How to Revive Dialogue in a Time of Deep Division," equips community leaders with the skills to foster belonging under any circumstance. Best of all, these skills are actionable immediately. 

Diversity without division is possible when we practice the Moral Courage Method. Join Prof. Manji for this transformative two-hour webinar as part of the 2021 Collaborative Diversity Conference.