The time is now: Equity in law, workforce and education

Welcome to the 8th Annual Collaborative Diversity Conference (CDC)! Our theme is The time is now: Equity in law, workforce and education. This professional development opportunity for public and civic leaders, higher education, business, corporate and non-profit professionals features dynamic certified diversity executives.

The conference begins on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 with an anti-racism pre-conference workshop entitled "Facing racism in 2020 and beyond!" Our facilitators will be sharing the approaches required to not only be opposed to racism/bias, but also how to be anti-racist in our current political and social environment.

The 2020 CDC will feature panel discussions, speakers, presenters and round table discussions that will emphasize best practices for diversity and inclusion while addressing the issues associated with increasing access, success and equity for all citizens and residents in a divisive and polarized national climate.

Statewide champions and supporters will find sessions that increase awareness, knowledge and skills necessary to constructively and effectively negotiate the cross-cultural differences in our global world and economy.

The conference closes on Friday, April 24 with the Diversity Achievement Luncheon when we will recognize the 2020 Statewide Diversity Champion.

We invite you to "step up, stand up and stay up" as we continue growing and expanding the network of diversity professionals through this conference. Please enjoy this opportunity to learn more about best practices in valuing the inclusion of diversity as we continue to address the challenges in 2020 and beyond.