Diversity Fund Request Form

The DDEI provides limited one-time funding support for faculty, staff and community efforts that align with the Missouri State Long-Range Plan and the Action Plan in order to promote diversity and inclusion on campus as well as in the general community. In the current academic year, the priority areas for such support are:

  • Development of Cultural Consciousness among campus and community stakeholders, especially faculty and staff.
  • Increased outreach, retention and success of underrepresented faculty and staff.
  • Minimize marginalization of underrepresented faculty, staff and community members.
  • Promote collaboration among colleges, divisions, departments, and community stakeholders.

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In an effort to responsibly utilize DDEI available funding, we request a brief report on the results of the planned event/activity (e.g., number of attendees, copies of evaluations if utilized, highlights, subject matter covered, etc.). Please include any suggestions on how to enhance the event/activity in the future if it were to be repeated. Submit report to Ashley Raines at araines@missouristate.edu within 30 days of event.

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