Statewide Diversity Champion Award

The Statewide Diversity Champion Award is presented to an individual or an organization for their innovative and committed service to an underrepresented population or cause.

The selection of the recipient is determined by the impact made on this population or cause which is both sustainable and remarkable among fellow Missourians. The work of the nominees should be exemplified by use of personal and professional resources, collaborative approaches to maximizing impact, standard-setting, uncommon servitude and encouragement of dialogue within the community.

2019 Statewide Diversity Champion Award nomination criteria

  1. Innovative and committed service to an underrepresented population or cause in the state of Missouri.
  2. Sustainable and remarkable impact among fellow Missourians.
  3. Significant initiative for the improvement of education, living conditions, and/or socio-economic conditions.
  4. A contribution expemplified by:
    1. Use of personal and professional resources;
    2. Collaborative approaches to maximizing impact;
    3. Standard-setting; and
    4. Uncommon servitude and contributions to public education and dialogue about the population or causes

Submit your nominations using the button on the right or email your nominations to by January 31, 2019. The finalist will be selected by the CDC Executive Committee.