Facing racism in 2018 and beyond: A changing dynamic

The Collaborative Diversity Conference (CDC) seeks to provide information, resources and approaches that promote the value of diversity and inclusion. Higher education, the public sector as well as our business and corporate communities, in today’s national climate need to not only appreciate the value of diversity, inclusion, cultural consciousness/competency and inclusive excellence, they must lead in minimizing the divisiveness, polarization and hostility directed towards any of our citizens and residents who “live, learn, and earn” in our communities.

The CDC theme, presentations, sessions and workshops will demonstrate various efforts to address the resurgence of racism, anti-immigrant and anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments and even discriminatory actions taken against those from diverse religious backgrounds. Research shows that valuing diversity and being intentional increases our cognitive sophistication, creates a return on investment in productivity and expands social capital for all.

This year we seek to inspire a more action-oriented commitment to our mission to not only promote diversity and inclusion but to provide our participants and attendees viable ways to implement and embrace inclusive excellence as a vehicle to transcend bias, racism, sexism that permeates our current political, social and economic environments. This year we will feature, for the first time, professor in residence Dr. Damon A. Williams whose scholarship and research in inclusive excellence is a model used by institutions of higher education as well as fortune 500 companies nationwide. Dr. Williams’ “Inclusive Excellence Tour” will provide an impactful experience for colleges, universities, companies, non-profits, institutions, and more. 

We will also conduct a pre-conference “Facing Racism” workshop for attendees followed by a reception featuring local artist Shaun Munday, bass guitarist and soul vocalist extraordinaire, who was featured on the Steve Harvey Show.

Higher education plays a critical role across multiple sectors. The 6th Annual Collaborative Diversity Conference will illustrate and demonstrate how collaboration with the public, private and corporate sectors can not only make diversity and inclusion real for all stakeholders, but also how inclusive excellence minimizes racial divisiveness, polarization, and hostility in 2018 and beyond.