Collaborative Diversity Conference

Bridging the cultural divide

Welcome to the 7thAnnual Collaborative Diversity Conference (CDC)! The theme of this year’s CDC is "Bridging the Cultural Divides". It will feature Professor Irshad Manji as plenary speaker and presenter during the conference. Professor Manji is a nationally recognized author, speaker and founder of the Moral Courage Project, an award-winning initiative started in 2008 to help young people speak truth to power within their communities. "Moral courage" means doing the right thing in the face of your fears - a skill that empowers individuals to cooperate across differences. Read more.

Meet our plenary speaker: Professor Irshad Manji

Get ready for a provocative take on diversity that will inspire all of us to rethink how we view each other - and ourselves.


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The conference includes two days of professional presentations and a plenary speaker. Schedule information will be available soon.

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